My One Little Word for 2016

Hey there! I just wanted to drop in and share a quick update post today! I’m excited to be choosing a “One Little Word” this year. In case you haven’t heard of it before, “One Little Word” is a concept/class/workshop developed by the super-inspiring Ali Edwards. I’ve always been a big fan of resolutions and then I tried doing a long list of yearly goals, but this year I wanted to try something new. And without a doubt, the word that came to me (let’s be real, my Mom had something to do with it) was “prepare”.

While I don’t think I’ll actually be making an album inspired by this word, I do think it will be the main focus for me this year. As a grad student who always has 50,000 things going on at once, I need to be better at planning, staying organized and anticipating what’s to come. So the word “prepare” is just perfect. If you haven’t heard of the Ali Edwards “One Little Word” class/workshop before, definitely check it out here.

So in honor of choosing my word and in wanting to keep it front and center, I decided to design a desktop wallpaper with it for my new iMac! I happened to be taking a class over at Skillshare (this one by Jamie Bartlett) and combined the class with making this design. If you want to try out Skillshare, you can hop over there and get a free trial by clicking here. It was so much fun learning how to create textures in Photoshop that I had no idea were at my disposal.


I guess that about wraps it up! I know this post wasn’t super craft-related, but I just wanted to share some things I’m loving lately: my One Little Word, Skillshare and getting things organized!

Have a fantastic day,


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