Just For Fun – 10 Crafty Questions

Hey friends! I hope all the Moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day with plenty of hugs and kisses from your families! Today, I'm doing something a little different – I decided to create a fun little questionnaire to get to know everyone's crafting habits a bit better. It's always fun to share our processes and crafty quirks with others, so I thought why not? Here are the 10 questions:

1. How long have you been paper-crafting? 

2. Do you listen to music while you craft? If so, which genre?

3. Do you snack while you craft or is your craft room a no-food zone? If yes, what's your favorite crafty snack?

4. What's your adhesive of choice – glue dots, liquid, tape runner, hot glue gun, or something else?

5. Keep scraps or toss scraps? 

6. Buttons – to thread or not to thread?

7. Do you clean up your craft table/surface after every project or leave the tidying up for a rainy day?

8. Instead of a deserted island, let's make it a deserted craft store. So, you're stuck in a deserted craft store and you can only use one three (I could not choose one) paper companies' paper for the rest of your life – which companies do you choose?

9. Do you keep a sketch book or notebook with ideas for future projects or do you craft-as-you-go?

10. Decorative scissors or edge punches? Which is your favorite?


So, those are my 10 crafty questions. Here are my answers:

1. I stopped buying greeting cards and only made my own around 2007. I got my first card published in 2008!

2. Music always. I listen to a slew of different genres via Pandora Radio. My favorites right now are Mumford & Sons Radio and Katy Perry Radio. Very different, but both get my creativity flowing.

3. My craft room is a no-food zone because I spill things often. I do allow a glass of water at the edge of my desk, though. 🙂

4. Liquid glue for all paper, hot glue gun for fabric, felt and buttons.

5. Keep scraps (large in folders, small in a little ceramic bowl on my desk).

6. Thread – always!

7. I clean up the main table after every project and save the rest of the room for a rainy day.

8. Cosmo Cricket, My Mind's Eye, Crate Paper

9. I'm a craft-as-you-go kind of gal.

10. Edge punches are gorgeous, but I haven't quite graduated from my deco scissors. I just love them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers – now it's your turn! Leave your answers in a comment to this post, tag your friends to do it and share it with whomever you like! It's always fun getting to know each other a bit more and just talking about my crafty process makes me want to work on something! 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!



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    May 9, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Kalyn! What a fun post! Here are my answers.
    1. About 3 years.
    2. No music, I like the peace.
    3. It’s a no-food zone for me.
    4. I love liquid for most stuff, glue dots for scrappin’ pics, tape for ribbon and dimensionals for height.
    5. I’m a big scrap keeper!
    6. I’ll do both, I guess it depends on my mood. 🙂
    7. I always have to have a clean space. Sometimes I spend more time on clean and organizing than I do on crafting. LOL!
    8. October Afternoon, Studio Calico and did I say October Afternoon!!
    9. I’m a total sketcher. My cards are all sketched out down to the ink color before I even step into my craft room. Boring I know, but when you don’t have lots of time to craft you have to be well planned.
    10. Edge punches all the way baby!!! Love them! Martha Stewart is probably my most fav.

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    May 10, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    What a fun post, Kalyn! Here are my responses (that sounds so formal!):’
    1) About 3 years now. I was making hair clips & bows for my daughter and wanted to die cut some components, and the rest is history!
    2) No music
    3) No food (wow, it sounds like I’m in prison!)
    4) Usually my ATG or other tape runner and lots and lots of glue dots. What liquid glue do you use?
    5) Definite scrap keeper. I try to be organized, but right now they’re out of control!
    6) Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
    7) Cleaning, what cleaning? I try to clean a little as I go, but like I said in #5, it’s pretty messy at the moment.
    8) Okay, other than that would be my ultimate fantasy (being deserted in a craft store), my faves would probably be Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park, and October Afternoon (although I’ve been using a ton of Crate lately)
    9) Not only do I keep sketches, I keep an computerized database of potential cards. If I craft on the spot without at least a basic sketch & plan, they almost always turn out terribly.
    10) Edge punchers, although I more often use dies or my Cricut to do fancy edges. Want my deco scissors? 🙂
    Now I’m smiling (which is a nice break from work!). Thanks!

  • Reply
    Gina, Mom to The Shoe
    May 10, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Fun, Kalyn! I’m wordy…so I did a blog post on my bloggity blog. 🙂

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