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Hi there! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a new crafty friend of mine – Memory Scrapbooks. I recently got acquainted with Rebecca from Memory Scrapbooks and we've decided to swap "getting to know you" blog posts.

Now you all know that making cards is my primary craft of choice, but scrapbooking is where it all started for me and it continues to be a constant source of inspiration and joy in my life. I just need to do MORE of it! And scrapbooks wouldn't be scrapbooks with the main ingredient – pictures. Pictures are some of our most treasured possessions and scrapbooking is a great way to keep those memories alive as well as protected. If pictures are damaged, they're almost impossible to replace. Yikes. So, if you enjoy scrapbooking or want to get started with it, MemoryScrapbooks.com can get you started on the right foot to preserving those precious photos. 

MemoryScrapbooks.com has a large selection of tools you can use on any type of photo-oriented project.  To start, they provide you with both Pioneer Scrapbooks and Pioneer Photo Albums.  Pioneer is a trusted name in the scrapping community due to its high-quality products that are of archival quality.  This means that your pictures won't be subjected to acid or other dangerous chemicals that can cause photos to become faded over the years.

MemoryScrapbooks.com also has a complimentary selection of scrapbooking supplies that you can use to embellish your projects.  Let your imagination and creativity run wild with tools and accents like:  Color gel ink pens, patriotic emblems, boarder-cutting scissors, red eye remover pens, glue runners, and patterned paper, just to name a few.  They even have photo album refill pages so that you never run out of room while working on your scrapbook.

So make sure to visit my friends at MemoryScrapbooks.com and if you do, let them know that I sent you!

Let's get some scrapbooking done in 2011! I can't wait!





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