Peek of the Week 12/15/09

    Hi friends! Sorry I've been so absent from blogland lately. I'm getting ready for a big move and between packing, making Christmas cards (I'm so behind), and spending time with friends, my blog has been slightly abandoned. But for the new year I'm going to make it a very serious resolution to spend more time on here. I just love resolutions – they give such a fresh start to everything. 

    Speaking of 2010, today's POTW is from the brand new January/February 2010 issue of Paper Crafts magazine! The new issue has some awesome new columns in it and is (as always) chocked full of gorgeous designs. Sometimes I can't believe my work is featured in amongst all the other beautiful creations. I mean, check out the cover for goodness sake!


So gorgeous. Here's one of my valentines from the "Vintage Valentines" feature.

You can find this card on p. 67 of the issue and my other cards on pages 37, 66 and 70!

    If you're looking for a great way to kick-start your new years thinking, pick up the Jan./Feb. issue at your local grocery store, bookstore or craft store, or order it online! Fun fact: I saw this issue in the place of honor at my local grocery store – right by the checkout! So exciting. :) 

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy day!



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