It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    So I've never actually seen the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," but I find that the title rings true for me. Two of my best friends in this world go to school at Temple University in Philadelphia and whenever I go to visit them, it always brightens my mood.This past weekend, I went to Philly to celebrate my good friend, Rachel's, upcoming wedding with a little bachelorette festivity.

Group photo day

 Bridal shot

(Here comes the bride!)

    Rachel drove Megan, Sonya, and myself up to Philly on Friday night to Gina & Jenna's apartment and the six of us stayed up late catching up and planning out our weekend. From the start, the weekend was just what I needed – time to spend with friends that I've known since middle school and who always make me feel at home. Sonya was the one newbie to our close-knit group; she's Rachel's future sister-in-law and such a sweetheart. She fit right in with us and played along with some of our weirdness.

Sonya gina

(Gina and silly Sonya!)

    On Saturday morning, we got up early and headed down to Center City to get some breakfast and do some shopping. As Rachel was opening the door to the girls' apartment when we were ready to leave, she was having some trouble and started to say "How do I…?" for some reason, the LeAnne Rimes song "How Do I Live" came into my head and I started belting it out. I then decided that for the rest of the weekend, if anyone said something that reminded anyone else of a song, they were to start singing it immediately and the rest of us were required to join in. This little game resulted in quite a number of sing-a-longs, the most memorable one being "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," which we sang very loudly down the streets of Philly on our way to dessert.

Img_1707  Img_1712  

(Some pretty Philadelphia architecture that we enjoyed as we sang loudly down the street!)

    Our daytime shopping trip was very successful for most of the girls who bought a few things they had been looking for. I resisted the urge to buy a really cute scarf in Urban Outfitters (even though Rachel, Sonya and Megan insisted I should buy it), but still enjoyed trying on a few items. 🙂

Jenna and me shirts
Rachel and me

    After shopping, we got lunch at The Marathon Grill, which was delicious, and then we started to lose some steam. We were all pretty tired and after our bellies were full, we decided to head back to the apartment after checking out a couple of other shops. Once we were back at the apartment, we all laid around, watched some Project Runway reruns (I'm obsessed with this show by the way) and drifted off to sleep. I even got all decked out in my pjs for this nap. I haven't had such a great nap in a while. Pure bliss.

    Once our beauty sleep was over, we started to get ready for our dinner reservations which were at 7:30. Six girls were running back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom and we were all changing outfits, putting on make-up, doing our hair and trying to make ourselves look fabulous (which of course was not very difficult). After we had all changed outfits a few times, swapped clothes and purses, and turned all the straightening irons off, we were ready to go. We enjoyed some fine Italian cuisine at Branzino Italian Ristorante on 17th Street as well as the authentic atmosphere which included a very Italian and very handsome waiter. He wasn't our waiter, but when he went around our table asking each of us if we'd like some Parmesan cheese on our meals, we all said "yes please!" He was pretty much the focus of our dinner conversation. The meal was delicious (I ordered gnocchi with fresh mozzarella and basil) and the company was even better.

    For dessert, we went to The Melting Pot, a restaurant that specializes in fondue! After looking at the menu, we all decided we should order 2 of the "regular" sized fondue pots, which we later found to be very large. We ordered a milk chocolate fondue and a s'more fondue, which included marshmallows flambe and graham cracker crumbs in chocolate. They also gave us 4 plates of goodies to dip.

Img_1718 Img_1720

(On the left is plate that Jenna & I split. There was one plate for every 2 girls and an additional plate, which none of us could stomach to finish. The plates included cheesecake, pound cake, marshmallows covered in Oreo and graham cracker crumbs, brownies, rice krispies, and fruit. So, so good. On the right is the s'more fondue with the marshmallow flambe!)

    Once our fondue was delivered to our table, our fondue forks were dipping away and we were oohing and ahhing over the scrumptious combinations. My favorite was either the pound cake or the oreo-covered marshmallows dipped in the s'more fondue.




    As you can tell from the photos, we had more than just a little fun that night. They should really call it FUNdue! Corny, I know, but I had to say it. 🙂

    After we stuffed ourselves full of goodies, we all started feeling a bit sick. It was so good that we may have overdone it.


    This was Jenna's and my plate after we finished. We couldn't handle the rich cheesecake, even though I tried my hardest. Since we all felt so stuffed and kind of sick afterward, we decided some "stuffed and sick" photos were necessary.


(I don't know if the photo of Jenna and I really captures the feeling. I look mad and Jenna looks pensive. Haha But the other side of the table really nailed the emotion.)

    After getting back to the apartment, snuggling up in our pjs, and making up our own version of Name That Tune (and a competition between Jenna, Megan and Sonya to see who could hold their arm up the longest), we were exhausted. But, it was that happy, perfect kind of exhausted that you only feel after you're stuffed with good food and filled with laughter from good friends.

 I'm so happy that Rachel is marrying her high school sweetheart and that their marriage brought us girls together for such a fantastic weekend. This was a weekend I'll always look back on as one of those special moments in time when I was really able to live in the moment and I couldn't think of anywhere else I would have rather been.




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