My Trip to Park City!

    Kelly from Paper Crafts was kind enough to take me on a little trip to Park City after my last day at the PC office. Kelly, her friend, and I walked up and down Main Street (where all the stars go during the Sundance Film Festival every year) and browsed some cute shops. My favorite was probably the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. They’re famous for their caramel apples and I was stupid not to get one. I’ve never had a caramel apple (and I think I had them mistaken for candied apples), so I went against Kelly’s (expert) suggestion and got a chocolate covered pretzel stick. Kelly on the other hand got an apple pie caramel apple and was sweet enough to let me try a piece. Amazing. That’s all I can say. And I could kick myself for not running back in the store and getting one. Haha Live and learn I guess.


I got this picture off of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory website. The apple pie apples are on the far left I believe. Yummmmm!

Besides the delicious snacks, the best part of Park City is the gorgeous view and the quaint look of Main Street. Here are some pictures I took:


This photo doesn’t showcase my best photography skills, but I wanted to show all of the different colored shops. I think they’re so cheerful!



Kelly drove us up to a resort neighborhood higher up on the mountain. The houses in this "neighborhood" were multi-million dollar mansions. And they have this gorgeous view!


The "PC" stands for Park City! Just in case you were wondering 🙂


Kelly and her friend took me on a little driving tour through Heber City and Provo. We stopped along side of the road in Provo Canyon to get a picture of the waterfall. It flows all year round no matter how cold it gets! Fun fact thanks to tour guide Kelly! 🙂

I’m so glad that Kelly didn’t let me leave Utah without seeing Park City. I had heard so much about it and I’m really glad I got to walk around Main Street. Next time, I’ll make sure to trust Kelly’s good judgment and get an apple pie caramel apple.


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