BeaUtiful Utah

Today was yet another beautiful day here in Utah. It’s always sunny here, which of course I love! It got up about 83! Next week, it’s supposed to get up to 102-104. That might get a little uncomfortable, but I’ve waited for summer for so long that I really can’t complain. Here’s some pictures of the gorgeous scenery:


Gorgeous Rocky Mountains! I’m still amazed by them.


On my walk to Barnes and Noble, I took a few pictures. I thought this one was pretty with the mountains in between some trees 🙂


I got a little patriotic on this one. I couldn’t help it.


I went to a craft store today and it was in a shopping center right by the South Jordan City Hall. It’s weird because every little town has a city hall and I don’t know if we have that at home. Haha Maybe we do and I’ve just never seen them. Anyway, I thought this clock tower was cool and you can see how blue the skies were today. I was sitting on a bench by the city hall taking in some sunshine. I was also listening to some Michael Jackson ("The Way You Make Me Feel" which of course reminded me of Center Stage which of course reminded me of Gina <3) because they had some sort of outdoor radio thing playing music. It made for an ice little atmosphere.


I took this outside the door to my building at the Marriott. I thought the pink flowers were too pretty not to. I did it quickly so that no one thought I was being creepy and taking pictures in their windows. Haha

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll have lots more BeaUtiful Utah pictures to share once I see more sights. I’m hoping to go to this beautiful flower garden in Thanksgiving Point. Maybe next weekend when it’ll be like 110 degrees. Haha


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